Add a thatch to your outdoors

thatched structure

Add a thatch to your outdoors.

Thatch lapas are a popular option for adding an enclosed entertainment or extra living space to outdoor areas.
Our summer months are perfect for spending time outside and relaxing and a thatched roof stays cool during the summer while providing the perfect cover for a rainy day.

Thatch is a natural grass that is cut and dried and combined with materials locally available.

Whether you decide to build your own thatch lapa or have someone build it for you, thatch offers homeowners an easy way to add shade and living space to an outdoor area.

Perfect Projects offer a variety of design options that allow you to erect a thatch  to meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Will a thatched structure hold its value?













Certainly! Thatch holds its value.

Homes with thatched roofs command a higher selling price than similar ones with tile or slate.

How long does a thatch roof last in South Africa conditions?


The life of a thatch roof is influenced by a number of factors.

The quality of the grass used, the angle of the roof constructed and climatic conditions.

Thatch will last far longer in a climate that is either hot and dry or cool and damp.

An acceptable life span for the thatch layer under normal climatic conditions in SA is approximately 20 years.

What maintenance will I have on my thatch roof?













Thatch maintenance:

Re-compacting after plus minus three years.

By re-compacting the grass, the brittle end points are broken off allowing for better water run-off.

Timber maintenance:

No maintenance is required for the timber.

Is there a risk of fire?













There is always a risk of fire.

Any material will catch fire if a flame is present, thatch is just more exposed to burning faster.

But all of this can be avoided by spraying a fire-proof retardant.

Do all thatch roofs go black?

Yes, all thatch roofs do go black.

The staining is due to rot. Good thatch surface texture blackens more rapidly than poor surface texture due to less exposure of the grass stem.

The climate also determines the rate of rot.

Can I repair my thatched roof or do I have to have the whole thing replaced?













Repairs are possible and can add years to the roofs life span.

It is also possible to just re-thatch just one side of your roof at a time to spread the cost and make the most of the roof.

How much do thatched roofs cost?

The cost depends according to the materials used and the design of the thatch roof.