Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom Remodel – What you need to know.

A bathroom remodel or adding an additional bathroom is the type of home improvements that add value.

Despite its importance, the bathroom is still often the smallest space in a home. But the bathroom is the second most vital and expensive part of the house.

In terms of improving your lifestyle and your home value, a bathrooms remodel might be best for improvements.

An additional bathroom creates more advantages of a house, while also increasing resale value. The number of bathrooms in a home can make or break the home’s overall convenience for its residents.

A bathroom remodel can get expensive.



Set your preferences and decide where to spend and where to save. New bathrooms are added to homes either as a renovation or as additions.

But a new bathroom can freshen a home’s interior and increase its overall value.
The good news about adding a bathroom to your house is that it doesn’t always require a lot of space. Getting this space can be easier than you think and can often be done without even changing the floorplan of your home. Converting an existing space is less costly.
Homebuyers with children often want bathrooms with tubs for the kids and showers for the adults.

Something to remember is depending on the neighborhood a bathroom remodeling or adding an extra bathroom might not return great value.

Adding an additional bathroom.

There are usually a variety of hidden possibilities in homes. This may be an oversize closet or taking a little space from a bedroom.

Adding an additional bathroom can make the morning rush to get everyone ready or evening bath time so much easier. Carefully look at how your home is constructed and search out any unused space.

Questions to Ask Before a Bathroom Remodeling Project.

What is my budget?
How much space do you have to work with?
Who will be using the bathroom?
How can I create enough storage?
Do I need more bathroom ventilation?
Shower, tub, or both?
How is the room shaped?
What features are the most important to you?

What’s an ideal bathroom remodel team?


Bathroom Renovation Electrician Roodepoort








Bathroom Renovation Tile Layer Roodepoort

Tile Layer

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